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Remember that product positioning can influence consumers’ purchases, so planning how they’re displayed and organized can maximize sales. Planograms can also guide and assist in store mapping and they enable retailers use space more effectively.

Clue: Discounted Item: Abbr.


Also means dead deal when an offer is no longer valid due to coupon expiration, coupon no longer available for print, or does not meet the terms of the sale or coupon. May also mean dumpster dive, as in rummaging through dumpsters or recycle bins to find DISCOUNTED coupons that others may have thrown out. CPN – coupon – A voucher entitling the holder to a discount off a particular product. Coupon Database – CDB – A database to search for a specific coupon or to find out if there is a coupon for a product or brand.

Discounted Item: Abbr. — Puzzles Crossword Clue

Select a type of loss to see data for your hierarchy levels, including individual estimates. Then select a geographic/organizational area link to see data for other levels of your hierarchy, including individual estimates. Select an adjuster and contractor to see data for individual line items.

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KFR – Kellogg’s Family Rewards – Enter codes from products you buy to earn points. Redeem points for prizes such as high value coupons, gift cards, and more. –The document and/or guidlines by which each store/chain follows regarding coupons. This will normally provide answers about coupon limit and what type of coupons a store will accept.

Abbreviations Used In Accounting Materials

Short for “Electronic Retailing”, this is the practice of selling goods over the Internet. Etailers come in all shapes and sizes, from big name giants such as Amazon and Zappos to neighborhood mom & pop stores selling items on their website. This refers to an arrangement between a retailer and a manufacturer/distributor in which the former transfers customer orders to the latter, who then ships the merchandise directly to the consumer. Instead, it sends orders and shipment information to the manufacturer/distributor and they will be the ones who will ship to the consumer. This refers to a system of payments powered by near field communication (NFC).

  • With NTB, advertisers receive campaign performance metrics such as total new-to-brand purchases and sales, new-to-brand purchase rate, and cost per new-to-brand customer.
  • Purchases are Prime-eligible and backed by Amazon’s 30-day return policy and customer service.
  • Item EA001 has a Standard Cost of $6.00 but was received on Purchase Order for $4.00.
  • Launched in 2019, Amazon’s advertising metric that determines whether an ad-attributed purchase was made by an existing customer or one buying a brand’s product on Amazon for the first time over the prior year.
  • All items are inspected and graded using Amazon’s rigorous 20-point quality inspection process and sold at a discount.

Lightning Deals are available, one per customer, until either the deal’s promotion period expires or all the available inventory is claimed. The initial creation of a product, from accepting terms and agreements, to developing an ASIN and filling out detail page info. Refers to shipping products directly to the end customer yourself, as opposed to Amazon doing it. Refers to the condition of an item’s information, for example, if the product has bullet points and images. Also known as MF (Merchant Fulfilled), this refers to shipping products directly to the end customer yourself, as opposed to Amazon doing it.

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You must pay attention to the life cycle of each of your products. Take note of their performance at each stage, and gather info that you can use to improve future products or offerings. Louis Vuitton is a prime example of a retailer with a prestige pricing strategy. The French fashion house implements premium pricing on all its products; it doesn’t conduct sales, nor does it have any outlet stores.

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ASINs can be further broken down into parent and child ASINs for products that have one overall item or style (the parent) with multiple choices What Could Affect a Company’s Gross Profit when it comes to color, size, pack size, etc. (the child ASINs). The program advertisers use to buy and create display and video ads. When it comes to e-commerce, Amazon is undoubtedly the biggest player of them all. Did you know the Amazon logo was created with the “A” and “Z” connected by a (smile-shaped) arrow to represent the idea that Amazon sells everything from A to Z?

GAF or GAB – Green Advantage Flyer or Green Advantage Buy flyer – Publix’s grocery flyer with sales and coupons (independant of the weekly sales ad). Doubled/Double coupon – a coupon redeemed for double the face value, depends on store policy.

Existing Customers – Audiences who have purchased or re-purchased your brand or items on Amazon. On Amazon’s Gold Box or Deals page, a single item or small set of closely related items discounted for a period of one day only. This relates to sponsored ads and the amount Amazon charges the seller or vendors when a customer clicks on their ad.

For Product Discounts, allunits is the default discount type unless otherwise specified. Since most stores won’t “pay” you the difference, you can purchase a small item to bring your total positive. An invitation issued by a company to solicit vendor DISCOUNTED bids for products, solutions, or services. Leading indicators or signs that your sales team is doing the things they need to do in order to be successful. Sales KPIs could include lead response time, opportunity-to-win ratio, call connect rate, etc.

For example, if each customer is only allowed to use each of the coupon’s codes once, enter 1. Coupons are created from within your store’s FoxyCart administration, on the coupons page. Category discounts are automatically added to any products associated the category it applies to.

Usually implemented by high-end retailers and lifestyle brands, prestige pricing is a strategy in which an item is priced at a high level in order to denote exclusivity, high quality, or luxury. When an item is prestigiously priced, it is meant to attract status-conscious individuals or consumers who want to buy premium products.

When inventory has been increased via cycle count, the Inventory Asset account will be debited with the offset Inventory Adjustment account credited. T accounts allow you to visualize how the debits and credits of a particular entry work and how they impact the financial statements. T charts work well because they are visually effective and simple to understand. In double-entry bookkeeping, assets and expense accounts are debit accounts. Their balance increases with entries made in the debit column and decreases with entries in the credit column.